Food Sensitivities, Ramblings

A Short Note

I haven’t had a lot to add to this blog in awhile. I was always hoping to have more recipes to share, but the last few months have been difficult.  After over three years with no work, the family mood isn’t great as our retirement savings dwindle.

Comments on this blog are fortunately moderated.  Last night, I received a less than pleasant comment about one of my posts that focused on my personal journey to discover the root of my sulphur sensitivity.  This is what blogs are usually about. Our personal journeys.  I tweaked the post a bit and deleted the comment, which definitely was not pertinent to a food blog.

While I’m more than happy to answer polite questions, I will block comments that accuse me of having a negative and discriminatory agenda.

My research is based on my personal experience, the experiences of others who have similar conditions and general scientific research that is available on the internet. I have been an avid student of history my entire life, but I am still of two minds when it comes to genetic research.  It is a double edged sword.  As it is used to trace historic populations and their movements, it is fascinating, but there is always serious potential for genetic information to be used for nefarious purposes.  Any comments I have made about these matters are based on my personal experiences.  I do not parrot long disproved eugenic theories in any way, shape or form.

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